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After Dark, Tuesday nights at Andy’s

Through December, After Dark, a Von Freeman inspired project, will be performing Tuesday nights at 9:30pm at Andy’s Jazz Cub, 10 E. Hubbard. We are performing the music of Von’s three main influences, Lester Young, Coleman Hawkins, and Charlie Parker.  Come check out this awesome band:

Geof Bradfield, Scott Burns, and Rajiv Halim, saxes

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Mike Allemana, guitar

Showcase Paul 2018

Dennis Carroll, bass


Dana Hall, drums and cymbals


George Freeman and Mike Allemana, Green Mill, April 13 and 14 with Bernard Purdie

We’re back at it, our 5th annual birthday celebration for George Freeman, who turned 91 on April 10. Bernard Purdie and Pete Benson will be with us again on Friday April 13 and Saturday April 14. Come on out and you can get an autographed copy of our new album on Ears&Eyes Record


Howard Reich of the Chicago Tribune wrote a touching article about George’s 91 years.

And WTTW did a wonderful story on George and Southport Records.

Live at the Green Mill officially released!!

August 18 has arrived! The George Freeman/Mike Allemana Organ Quartet with special guest Bernard Purdie officially release Live at the Green Mill on Ears&Eyes Records. It was a long process for George and I: recorded by David Zuchowski at the Green Mill in April 2015, going through 6 sets of music to select just the right tracks, mixing, editing, and mastering with Brian Schwab (see Howard Reich’s article); and putting the finishing touches on the release with Matthew Golombisky at Ears&Eyes Records. It was worth all the work and sacrifice for our first album with organist Pete Benson and one of American music’s legends, Bernard Purdie.

Order your copy now (both vinyl and digital download with bonus tracks. Vinyl ships in September)



George and I will be celebrating this release and George’s 90th birthday at the Chicago Jazz Festival on August 31 at 6:30pm in Millennium Park.

Celebrating George Freeman's 90th @ Green Millphoto by Harvey Tillis


Pre-order your copy of Live at the Green Mill on Ears&Eyes Records!!!

Dear friends,

We are so excited to announce that the new album Live at the Green Mill with the George Freeman/Mike Allemana Organ 4tet with special guest Bernard Purdie on Ears&Eyes Records has gone to production. The official release date is August 18, but you can pre-order your copy now (vinyl with digital download or just digital download):


All pre-orders come with two instant tracks, so you get to preview what the album will sound like! Pretty cool! 

Howard Reich wrote a wonderful story about the making of this album:

Illustration by Luke Etcheverry, design by Fede Maks

Announcing pre-release fundraising campaign for the Freeman/Allemana 4tet with special guest Bernard Purdie

Dear friends,

Today George Freeman and I are launching a pre-release campaign to raise funds to help finish the mixing, editing, and manufacturing of our first recording, Live at the Green Mill, with organist Pete Benson and special guest Bernard Purdie. We hope to release the album on 12″ vinyl this summer with Ears&Eyes Records. In April of 2015 engineer David Zuchowski recorded us live at the Green Mill in Chicago. If you can, please help us release this recording by visiting our campaign: webpage:

This recording captures two packed nights at the Green Mill and the incredible musical energy that George and Bernard create together.   Also, George turns 90 this year on April 10, 2017!!!!  Getting this recording out would be a great way to celebrate. See the campaign for full details.

Mike Allemana-George F-Pete B-Pretty Purdie 6346

photo by Michael Jackson

Tammy McCann and Mike Allemana Live at Studio 5 in Evanston, Feb. 12

Dear friends, don’t miss this special concert:

Tammy McCann and Mike Allemana
1934 West Dempster in Evanston
Sunday, February 12
tammy_bio_2014.jpg011817_152 copy
photo by Harvey Tillis
Tammy McCann—voice
Mike Allemana—guitar 
Come check out Tammy and I grooving in this great new space. This is the start of a new jazz series hosted by Steve Rashid.  It’ll be lots fun!

George Freeman performs “Birth Sign” at Fulton Street Collective January 18, 2017

So excited to announce that George Freeman and I will be performing his first album, Birth Sign, on Denmark records and recorded in 1969, the year I was born. We’ll be at Chris Anderson’s Jazz Record Art Collective on Wednesday, January 18 at 8pm.  George is so excited to revisit this session, which included Von and organist Sonny Burke.  allemana freeman 1

George Freeman–guitar

Mike Allemana–guitar

Pete Benson–organ

Mike Schlick–drums


WDCB presents: George Freeman/Mike Allemana 4tet, Friday, August 26th at the Promontory

The George Freeman/Mike Allemana Organ 4tet
in Hyde Park
5311 S. Lake Park Ave.
Friday, August 26th
7pm show
allemana freeman 1
George Freeman—guitar
Mike Allemana—guitar
Pete Benson—organ
Mike Schlick—drums
George and the band’s first show in Hyde Park!!! We’ll be playing some new tunes recently composed by George Freeman, and he’ll be trying out his new frets on the old Gibson 335, new frets by Chad Fitzpatrick.